We take giving back seriously

At Hilti, team members are encouraged to give back to our local communities. Field teams across the Canada join with office-based employees in rolling up our sleeves and building a better future where we live and work. This brings the international philosophy of the Hilti foundation to life on a local level.

We stand behind our words, too. Each team member receives two paid days off annually to volunteer as they see fit, with an organization or cause they’re passionate about. Many team members choose to collaborate with partner organizations, while others dedicate time to organizations that have personal meaning for them.


In addition to giving our team members the opportunity to make a difference, we also commit to our partners for programs like habitat builds and apprenticeships. Across North America, we choose to focus our corporate efforts on three key areas: community  development, education and affordable housing.

Whether we volunteer as teams or commit our time individually, we believe giving back is more than a two-day commitment. At Hilti, giving back is at the heart of our culture and key to our purpose.

Our purpose is to build a better future, but we can’t do it alone. We rely on the commitment of our team members and the partnership of non-profit organizations in our community whose values mirror our own.

We choose to focus our partnerships in three key areas: community development, education and affordable housing. We selected these areas because they best align with The Hilti Foundation, and because they allow us to make the greatest impact through our areas of expertise.


We impact community development by partnering with organizations that encourage diversity and inclusion, health and wellness, and community growth.
We impact education through vocational training, apprenticeships and STEM development.

We impact affordable housing and sustainable communities by using our resources to build homes for those who need it most.

In Canada and the United States, our long-term partnerships with Habitat for Humanity and United Way have been invaluable to our ability to make a difference, along with our team members’ daily experiences.

Teams who volunteer together

We strive to provide our teams a variety of opportunities to make a difference in their communities. Many enjoy taking the chance to work together with their teams or those from different functions.

Each year, we host events like Hilti Cares Week to connect our team members with local non-profits. The event encourages team members to sign up to support an organization that’s meaningful to them. Volunteer events have ranged from animal shelters and food pantries to schools, hospitals, senior support organizations and more.

Team members also have an opportunity to give through the United Way and participate at in-office events like disaster kit builds and community panels.

How would you choose to impact your community?


Leaving a Legacy

Each year, the Hilti Legacy Cup is awarded to one team member who has committed to building a better future.

The Legacy Cup winner is announced at our Annual Sales Meeting and all attending team members have the chance to contribute financially to their cause. Hilti matches the donations dollar-for-dollar, and the Legacy Cup winner makes a donation to their chosen organization in their name.

The 2019 Legacy Cup winner was Doreen DiSalvo, who chose to support SendIt, a San Francisco Bay Area non-profit that offers nature-focused trips to those battling cancer.

Build tool knowledge while building a better future

At Hilti Basic Training Seminar – our orientation to tools, services and the Hilti culture – new team members put their knowledge in action by contributing a work day on a Hilti Habitat Home. While gaining practical skills with popular tools, our teams also learn the value of our incredible Habitat for Humanity partnership, impacting the local community for years to come.

Through the commitment of our team members, we’ve contributed to dozens of  homes near our Operations Center in Tulsa and in communities across North America.


With the aim of helping disadvantaged people achieve a life of independence and self-determination, the Hilti Foundation was established in 1996. The Foundation’s activities support sustainable projects in various sectors worldwide which, after an initial phase, should be financially self-supporting and are quantifiable and replicable.

The Foundation is financially supported by both the Martin Hilti Family Trust and the Hilti Group, which contributes 2% of its annual profits directly to Foundation projects. This noteworthy contribution is made possible by the unique approach taken by Hilti employees who display a great deal of passion, know-how and experience in helping to shape the success of the Hilti Group.

In addition to contributing to the Foundation’s many projects, Hilti employees also show a strong personal commitment to local projects carried out by Hilti country organizations. A great deal of personal devotion is displayed by all of us in working to ensure that significant and innovative projects can be launched and successfully nurtured. 


The Foundation is active in various areas, from culture and affordable housing to disaster relief, education and social entrepreneurship. This broad-based approach reflects the tremendous diversity present in the Hilti Group, which employs more than 29,000 people from every culture and linguistic region in the world.

The Hilti Foundation, the Martin Hilti Family Trust and the Hilti Group pursue these projects to encourage disadvantaged people and to illustrate just how much good can come when opportunities are seized. These initiatives are also designed to give hope. Sometimes a small step, taken somewhere in the world, is all that is needed before people, families and entire societies can benefit sustainably. 

For more information on the Hilti Foundation and its projects, please see: www.hiltifoundation.org or take at look at our last report .