In the face of a pandemic, not only have our private lives changed, but also the way that we work. At Hilti Canada we have adapted - guided by concern for the safety of our team members, our customers and our communities.


Take a look at how we're staying close to all our team members during this difficult time.


Hilti - United against covid-19

Following health authority guidelines, we quickly moved to a remote working model. Teams connect with each other easily using upgraded software to ensure access to internal systems is efficient and seamless and we have implemented additional safety protocols to keep our teams safe and allow them to get our products to our customers. With support from our global team, we've introduced new communication tools to ensure we are as connected to each other as ever.

Of course, we'd rather be able to see each other and interact face-to-face, but under adversity our teams have adapted to change as we continue to support our customers and one another.

Initiatives for individuals, families, teams and communities

We all share a common concern for those around us. During this difficult time, we want to ensure our team members and their families have access to the resources they need and that our communities do, too.

From health challenges to consultative support from qualified professionals and opportunities for our teams to support their local communities, Hilti responded rapidly with a wide range of initiatives.

We are all in this together, and together we will be stronger.

"For our construction colleagues continuing work on jobsites, we appreciate you and we’re with you. You leave a legacy with your work, building homes, highways, and everything in between". - Martina McIsaac, Region Head and CEO of Hilti North America.

Communication fosters teamwork

Frequent communication is crucial during a time like this. We want to ensure that all of our team members are kept up to date with information as soon as it is available. Our IT teams have ensured that we are able to work remotely wherever we may be, and with state-of-the-art conferencing software we've been able to:

  • Update our teams on a weekly basis directly from our CEO Martina McIsaac.
  • Host a State of the Company meeting with nearly 2,000 team members tuning in live to learn and ask questions.
  • Conduct a virtual benefits fair to drive awareness of existing benefits and new enhancements designed to support mindfulness and well-being.

We've also seen our teams getting creative and hosting their own quiz evenings, virtual dinners and even the odd Friday night drink together (after hours of course).