Hear from a Former Intern

Curious what an internship with us would look like? Hear from former interns on their experiences and why they ultimately chose to join Hilti after graduation.


Each summer the brightest students work and grow with our internships across the country. Many of our interns move on to advance throughout the Hilti organization in North America and worldwide.


"I love the amount of exposure Hilti offers. Every day I learn something new… about the industry, about my job, about different stakeholders and opportunities within the company. I think it makes a difference when you know your work is taking you somewhere.

With Hilti, you learn pretty quickly what different opportunities there are and, if you are curious enough, you learn how to get to them."


"Prior to Hilti, the only HR experience I had was my education. I learn best through application so the majority of my knowledge in the HR field today is thanks to the development that Hilti has offered me.

I started as an HR Intern where I was given a variety of projects that exposed me to every aspect of HR you could imagine. In such a short time, I was given the opportunity to host meetings, complete projects and take on responsibilities of my own."


"Hilti is unlike any other organization and the co-op has been an amazing experience that I would recommend to any student. It is rare to see a company at Hilti’s level provide opportunities to students who may not necessarily have the most work experience. If you happen to join the Hilti team, I would say do not take your time for granted. Time will fly by so make sure to utilize all the resources Hilti has to offer, including its people."