Recent graduates

Whether you’ve recently completed a degree, are in your final year of study, or are early in your career and looking for a change, your next move is an important one.

Perhaps you’re looking for international opportunities? Exposure to senior management? Top caliber colleagues? A fast-paced every day? Work-life balance? 

We want to hear from dynamic young professionals with the energy and ability to join our high-performing team.

Ours is a unique working culture, where we’ll positively encourage you to question the way things are done and speak up with your ideas. We’ll offer extensive training – from onboarding and technical know-how to leadership training and ongoing development through every stage of your career.

If this sounds like you, Hilti could be the catalyst you need to accelerate your career.

“I don’t have a sales background and, when I went to my careers fair, most companies only wanted to speak to you if you had the right experience. Hilti was completely open minded. They were more interested in me than in which degree I was pursuing.”

Andreas, Project Manager, Global Logistics

Develop your skills across the business

At Hilti, you’ll join a team of people from around the world with different experiences and degrees who share one purpose – to build a better future. We’ll train you, support you and give you the tools you need for an exciting and varied career.

Most of our graduates start in account management because it’s the best and fastest way to understand how our business works. It’s also a great place to show us – and yourself – what you’re made of.


Deliver strong results and we’ll give you every opportunity to develop your skills and broaden your role. If you’re ready for a new challenge, you might decide to apply what you know to other areas of the business, perhaps moving around the company or even around the world.

Your next step might be marketing or finance, logistics or research. You could be headed for senior management, or perhaps something technical. We’ll give you lots of responsibility early on, along with all the training and support you need to craft your own career.

Not your average sales role

Account management at Hilti is consultative selling in the most professional sense. It’s about forging new associations with responsive customers and building relationships with existing ones. Most will already know, trust and want our products.

It’s an exciting, hands-on role, where you’ll get to work on inspiring projects. Some jobs involve high-profile skyscrapers, stadiums and railways, while others are about working every day to make life better for ordinary people. Many of our products, for example, are uniquely designed to save lives and protect buildings in the event of fires and earthquakes.


If you’re not sure whether a sales environment is for you, rest assured that there’s no traditional cold calling at Hilti. You might even surprise yourself; many of our people do. They start their first post-graduate job with the intention of moving on from account management, but find themselves choosing to stay in this field because it’s such an enjoyable and rewarding part of the business.

Some of our best account managers never pictured themselves working in construction. They might have degrees in engineering or business management, but it might be history or French. Either way, their energy, courage, sharp thinking and competitive drive make them flourish in this role. We have an excellent mix of people, where success is down to teamwork and ability, no matter what your background.

We’ll train you, challenge you and reward you

At Hilti, we train and develop our people like no other company we know. It’s the reward you’ll enjoy for your unswerving hard work and outstanding delivery.

Every team member gets one-to-one coaching, and the door is always open if you need help or advice. We also have a very thorough people review process, where we screen everyone in the company in a yearly career performance matching process. It’s how we find opportunities to develop our people with different responsibilities, cultures and market challenges. It means we can broaden your skill set, feed your ambition and open doors for your career.


It might sound far-fetched, but some of our high performers have moved from account management to HR, or from finance in Hong Kong to marketing in France.

With commitment, teamwork and consistent results, you can move into leadership roles very quickly at Hilti. In fact, many of our account managers reach their first management position in their mid to late twenties, and 80% of our management roles are filled with internal candidates. It’s proof, if you need it, of how much we value our people.

Making sure we’re the right fit

When you apply for a job at Hilti, you’ll get a feel for the place right away.

If we invite you to interview, we’ll pay for your travel, and we’ll be prompt and honest in our feedback to you.


As part of the process for account management roles, we’ll take you on a ‘field ride’ to show you a day in the life, and we’ll give you plenty of time to meet and chat with the team. This will quickly tell you the caliber of our people and their dedication to our customers.

To apply for a job, simply go to our jobs page and filter your search for graduate roles. You can apply for more than one role at a time. 

Giving back and getting involved

Wherever we’re active in the world, we consider ourselves a partner. True to our ethos of building a better future, we aim to make a noticeable, sustainable improvement to local living and working conditions by helping people to help themselves.

This mindset reaches back to the personal commitment shown by our company founder Martin Hilti. For him, social responsibility is not a duty or obligation; it’s the natural thing to do.