Engaging our people in the inclusion journey

When creating a high-performing global team, a diverse workforce is just one half of the equation. That's because diverse teams have their own sets of challenges. We're naturally drawn to those similar to us, which can lead to excluding the input of others.

It's the ability to see things through another person's eyes that gives us the perspectives needed to be creative, innovative and effective.


But this only happens when team members listen to each other and feel welcome to voice their opinions. It's called inclusion.  

We have various initiatives to create a great place to work for all. We foster employee resource groups and forums to generate awareness. And, we encourage team members to exchange ideas and gain exposure through networking. We've also successfully sponsored mentoring programs in many organizations around the world.  

Inclusion Strategy

Our leaders are committed to inclusion and D&I anchors our corporate strategy. Learn why we believe it strengthens our business.

Engaging our team

Our team members are committed to inclusion and have a voice in the topics we focus on and the way we do business.

Meet our team

We value the diverse experiences, ideas and goals our team members bring. Check out our career explorer to meet our team members and chart your own path.

Committing to inclusive behaviour

For us, inclusion is about more than checking a box. It influences our business practices, decisions and daily conversations. As our team members strive to be more inclusive, we focus on starting with five inclusive behaviors – everyday habits that can make a big difference.

The 5 behaviors are:

1. Actively listen and learn from others
2. Seek inclusive behavior and positively reinforce it
3. Challenge assumptions and seek understanding
4. Be self-aware of your body language and words
5. Be fully present and mindful of your actions

At our annual meetings and at local kick-off events, we each committed to at least one behavior to commit to improving throughout the year. Which behavior would you choose?


Employee-led groups

OWN IT! is our employee-led group, focused on diversity and inclusion. We simply provide the budget and a business sponsor. Then the team members decide which programs are needed to drive inclusion forward in their working location. From language lunches and meet & learn workshops to an open mentoring program, the Own It! group really allows us to meet the needs of our team members by giving them ownership of inclusion activities.

Joining the Own It! group encourages team members from different parts of the business to work together. It’s a great way for team members to develop new skills and learn from the experiences of others.

Building Inclusive Teams

More than 75 years ago, Martin Hilti understood how important it was for people to feel that they were creating something of significance and were part of a successful team. The way he treated, guided and inspired people with his enthusiasm all influenced Hilti’s corporate culture. Maintaining it over the years calls for a strong corporate culture, based on core values and a mission.

Every year, we invest in our Team Camps. These are workshops for all team members world-wide, dealing just with our corporate culture. The Team Camps have three core elements: contribution to the company, team building and personal reflection. Embracing and giving feedback, inspiring each other, defining and implementing actions to enjoy our daily work together more. The most recent one, Team Camp Pit Stop Champion 2020 , had a strong focus on the topic of Inclusion.


Mentor as you grow

Our new Mentor As You Grow program connects Hilti team members around the world with mentors and mentees who have similar interests, or whose goals and experiences best align. The program uses an easy app to connect team members and to provide training on how to get the most out of the mentor/mentee experience.

The program is an informal addition to our formal leadership program and Executive Sponsorships, ensure everyone who wants a mentor can have access to one, no matter their interests, job level or location.